Set in a gritty and economically devastated NYC, "The Price" is the story of two outlaws and the bounty hunter who pursues them. Inspired by the Italian Westerns of the 1960's, the film is a mash-up of "A Fistful Of Dollars" and "Mad Max" with a little "Escape From New York" sprinkled on top. The film stars Carlos Gallardo ("el Mariachi"), Solomon Trimble ("Twilight"), Mali Elfman & James St. Vincent.





James St. Vincent: Writer/Co-Director/”Drake Adder”

Collector of 2,000 DVDs (284 of which are Spaghetti Westerns) as well as 5,000 CDs & 2,500 records. We wonder why he leaves the house.

Zeke Pinheiro: Co-Director/Editor

Filmmaker and raconteur with a love for Spaghetti Westerns, horror films & dogs named Padfoot

Stefan Silvers: Cinematographer

Fantastic DP with an eye for compelling imagery in photography & film.

Michael May: Producer/”Snitch”

Director, producer, actor & sunshine on a cloudy day

Ashleigh Snead: Producer

Serial entrepreneur in fashion & film with a passion for connecting people

Bryan David: Executive Producer

Green Engineer, consultant, and entertainment producer

Carlos Gallardo: “Ceferino”

The seasoned veteran- you may know him from a little film titled “El Mariachi”

“Arrio”: Solomon Trimble

Singer, poet, actor, writer, dancer....

a quintuple threat discovered by“Twilight”

Myke Michaels: Associate Producer/Special Effects/”Ritchie”

Winner of “longest IMDB page” for the team, accomplished special effects artist & filmmaker

Isaac & Thorald Koren of The Kin: “Tigg”/”Chook” & Music Composers

 Brothers & gifted musicians with killer Aussie accents

Mali Elfman: Vanessa”

Beautiful & talented actress, writer, director, producer & equestrian.

Roman Dent: Camera Operator/Additional Editing

Directing & editing since he was old enough to hold a camera. Seriously.

Anthony Koithra: Associate Producer/

Creative Director

Producer & director whose writing is best described as

“a series of words, often with spaces between them.”

Josh Long: Assistant Director

 Director, writer & producer who knows how to run a set

Faith Willman: Wardrobe Supervisor

Top notch stylist with impeccable taste!

Amber Bailey: Production Designer

Creative force with the ability to turn a blank canvas into a believable world

Amy Schloerb: Script Supervisor

Producer & actress with superb attention to detail

We are currently in development for the feature film version of this award winning short.

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